Art is the way that I can express the feelings and ideas that I have trapped in my soul and need to get out and share with the world. Or is it the feelings and ideas of other people who want to hire my artistic services.  


With my art I want to achieve the greatest splendor as a human being that I can achieve. I am making works with the greatest mastery of which I am capable in a continuous evolution and progress that goes from complexity to the greatest simplicity and cyclically returns to the greatest sophistication. My art transmits a diversity of emotions: concerns, tastes, fears, recurring ideas, stages of life, joy, nature, connections, feelings, etc. My personality and artistic career is what filters and conditions the art I make, making it unique and original.


I make art because I need it the same as I need to breathe or drink water. Sometimes I need to paint, sometimes I need to write, compose music or perform something. I need the different forms of artistic expression to be able to unblock myself to bring out everything that I carry inside me wanting to flow.


I try to convey all kinds of ideas and emotions intentionally or I just let things flow and all that has to come out and then touch them up, fit them and shape them until I am completely comfortable with the result.

Art gives me: relief, satisfaction, joy, enjoyment, well-being, flow, honor, etc. Sometimes I do it without realizing it, it just goes out of my way when I have a pen in my hand and I am in front of a blank space on a sheet of paper. At other times. I get carried away by the inertia of what I have already done doing similar things. Y  in others I previously choose what I want to transmit or from whom and from what I want to receive the influence or inspiration. Inspiration comes from many different sources, all the previous art that I have seen in my life, from the art of my family, the art of my friends, nature, the art of museums, books, street art, of artistic currents.


I use classic and more contemporary tools. Acrylics, canvases, Graphite, pens, markers, etc. Digital tools. Stylus, mouse.  Methacrylate Digital prints. Photographs.


I am influenced by: the muses, other artists, music, literature, history,  politics, and the environment.

In my work you can see my obsessions with the continued use of new technologies, the computer, movies, sports, nature, family situations, duels, losses, encounters, love affairs, hair, lots of hair, the circles,  squares, eggs, alternative therapies, what is seen and what is not seen, spirits, frequencies, vibrations, waves, spaces, and time. Sometimes you can see the future and find in my creations things that are about to happen or that will happen.


The influence of working a long time in my studio, the robots that help me clean, and the urban noises,  They lead me to get out of it and bathe in the crowds that provide me with the necessary human warmth to continue in the gap. I like to dive among the people and capture the crowds in panoramic views  the streets of the center of Madrid and wherever I am (until the virus of the balls arrived).


The core of my art is expressive channeling. I delight, enjoy and calm the need finding relief in the beauty and harmony of the whole and the composition. It is a permanent recess in which I let the unconscious breathe, making it aware of that decongestion in which I manage to improve myself more and more.

I want people to understand that in life there is much more invisible than the visible and it is thanks to visual and abstract art that we can make intangible things visible, such as feelings that things that are in another place and are mixed with our desires.

I want people to get great satisfaction from purchasing any of my works and to get excited every time they see them.

The message I send is to be close to the beauty, colors and shapes that most attract and delight us.